LeAnn Rimes Strips Down 'How Do I Live' for Re-Imagined Version as Thank You to Fans: Premiere

By:  - Billboard

Twenty-one years ago, LeAnn Rimes was a bright-eyed, big-voiced 15-year-old country singer living every singer's dream: She already had a No. 1 country album, two Grammys and a handful of hit songs all before she could drive a car. Little did a teenage Rimes know, her legacy had only just begun -- and her sixth single would end up going down in history. 

"How Do I Live" reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in December 1997, reaching chart milestones left and right. The song eventually spent a then-record 69 weeks on the chart, nearly half of that in the top 10 alone -- a record only recently broken by Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You" last year. And if you look at Billboard's All-Time Top 100 songs ranking, you'll see Rimes' name sitting pretty at No. 4 for "Live."  

To celebrate the iconic song's 20th anniversary last year, Rimes created a re-imagined, slower-tempoed version of "How Do I Live." The quieter production, along with stripping the power notes of the chorus down to heart-wrenching falsetto, gives the track a new life -- one that cuts to the core.

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